Welcome to Bison Jerky USA, proudly brought to you by Wild Oasis Bison—a picturesque, family-operated bison ranch nestled in the scenic landscapes of Montana.

Our founder Lori (left) and her husband Joe (right) manage the business and our bison herds, making sure everything runs smoothly and the bison thrive and lead their best lives.

Kayti, Lori's youngest daughter (middle right), leads the store operations and handles customer support. Henry, Lori & Joe's son in law (not in photo), serves as head of marketing and sales, as well as managing the website and packaging.

At Bison Jerky USA, we take pride in crafting premium bison jerky in a myriad of flavors—a true celebration of bold and untamed taste. Our bison are the ultimate VIPs, raised on a diet of grass from start to finish, free from antibiotics and steroids. It's more than just jerky; it's a commitment to wholesome snacking.

Join us as we embark on a mission to revolutionize your snacking experience, one delectable bite at a time. Let's indulge in the wild spirit of Montana with every pack, because we believe that healthy snacking should be as adventurous as it is delicious!


Over the past 4 years we have continued to grow and expand our product line.  Recently a chain of over 100 stores has expressed interest in carrying our Bison Jerky on their shelves.  We're so excited about this opportunity but we can't do it alone!

​So we're crowdfunding and offering our amazing donors some fantastic
rewards and recognition for becoming a meaningful part of our Bison Family!

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